Indonesia Coffee Academy is a warm and welcoming educational center for coffee beginners and enthusiasts. We are the ideal space for those who wish to dive into the world of coffee, sharpen their barista skills, or open their own shop by learning the business of coffee. With our unique curriculum, engaging courses, and knowledgeable trainers, we happily invite you to study coffee with us at our excellent barista school

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Indonesia Coffee Academy brings the world of coffee to the palm of your hands is just a few easy clicks. Since 2010, all the magic has happened at our two training centers. We've awarded certificates to hundreds of baristas for them to flourish professionally in their careers, helped aspiring coffee shop owners, and sharpened our students' coffee-making skills. Now, we are making that magic more accessible to you here on our website.

In addition to our offline teaching at Kemang and Bali, our online subscription-based courses are here to give you easier access to the Indonesia Coffee Academy curriculum so you can learn and practice coffee anywhere, from your own home to training sessions with fellow baristas. We have published six paper for our community to peruse and revisit to progress in your career.

Our content is based on expert knowledge, international standards, and suitably conveyed for a general audience to understand. It is ICA's mission to help you practice and perfect the art of coffee, and we're so delighted to have worked with incredible students with an admirable passion and drive for making coffee.

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